Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eight is Great; Nine is Fine

{I had this whole post written months ago but never published it because I kept forgetting to find the paper with the doctor visit stats on it. Then I forgot about this post all together. So all this information was current as of late November when Kate was 8 and 9 months old.}

Kate's first 'mess' a few weeks ago. She's gotten to the point where she thinks 'real' objects are much more fun to play with than her own toys, so I'll often find her gravitating toward cords, wipes, shoes, or whatever else happens to be on the floor at the time. 

Kate is a delight. It's amazing how well she communicates with us. Here are some Kate quirks from the last couple months or so:

  • She has two little teeth on the bottom.
  • It is so fun to watch her eat because she opens her mouth so wide she practically unhinges her jaw--she looks just like a little baby bird.
  • She is a champion roller and really gets around, but the past few days she's realized it's hard to get to things in front of her, so she's started to reach and shimmy and "swim" forward one painstaking inch at a time until she can reach what she wants. I'm convinced she'll be crawling by Christmas.
{At our neighborhood Halloween party in October}
  • We still don't have a high chair, so I just sit her on the floor and feed her.
  • She is a champion sitter.
  • She loves kids, especially little boys. In church, she pulls out all the stops to get attention from the boys sitting next to/behind us and starts flapping and squealing when they smile back at her.
  • She started doing this funny tongue thing a couple months ago, probably about the time she started teething (give it a few seconds to focus):
  • Kate has started to be more clingy lately when she's around lots of strangers. It's frustrating and kinda sweet at the same time.
  • She gets so excited when her dad gets home. Her little arms and legs start pumping, and she grins from ear to ear and starts "talking."
  • When I hold her and Jay's in the room, she's always trying to get his attention.
  • We still put her to sleep in her swing sometimes. When she gets mad in her bed, she rolls around frenetically. The swing helps her stay put and (usually) calms her, though she did find a way to twist in the restraint during this nap and get a little tummy time...
  • I am still the favorite. I expect this will change as soon as she's not nursing anymore. 
  • Kids don't usually like me--well, at least, they don't usually love me--so it's been weird to have this little person who prefers me to anyone and anything else. It is a lot of responsibility, but it's very sweet.
  • I took Kate to a pumpkin patch before Halloween. She liked being outside but was more interested in the goings-on than in smiling at me.
  • She loves dancing with Mom and Dad in the living room.
  • Right now, Aunt Lisa appears to be her favorite, but the tides may change once Lisa leaves on her mission in a couple months!
  • Her favorite "word" is "bah," and she also mixes in a few d, p, m, and g sounds.
  • She has mastered the arching back and stiff-as-a-board techniques and employs them often if we try and put her somewhere she doesn't want to be.
  • Kate has started putting her arms out and reaching for us and her toys these past couple months. It's so cute to see someone put out their arms to her and have her reach back. 
  • She is still so sweet-tempered. She gets cranky and impatient sometimes, but she's so good most of the time.
  • She's starting to get her pincer grasp down. She loves to touch everything.
  • She has started doing this funny little face where she scrunches her nose and sticks out her lips and breathes really fast through her nose. We're not sure exactly what it means, but it sure is funny.
  • Now that she has her two little teeth, she likes to clench her gums together when she smiles. I miss her huge, open-mouth grins, but the way her eyes turn into squinty half-moons is so cute.
We've been a little delayed with her well checks what with the move, her broken leg, insurance changes, etc. Here are her stats at 8 months  on 11/5/12:

Height: 26.5 inches, 50th percentile
Weight: 15 lbs 12 oz, 10-25th percentile
Head circumference: 44 cm, 75th percentile

She is growing up so fast. We're glad she's filling out a little bit and is now greater than fifth percentile for weight. Yay, Kate!


  1. Great blog face lift! Oh, and Kate looks good too, I guess.

  2. I love her! You and Jay are wonderful parents. She certainly is getting big!