Friday, January 25, 2013

Perfect Ten

{Pictures taken mid-December at 9.5 months}

Kate at ten months
  • She's started clapping recently. Not because she knows what clapping means, but she seems to be pleased as punch she is coordinated enough to hit her hands together.
  • She still isn't crawling, but she's been scooting more and more. It is so cute how she half drags, half inches herself forward.
  • In church, a lady we'd never met who'd been sitting a couple rows behind us approached us after Sacrament meeting. "Your baby has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. It's the kind of smile that took me from having a bad morning to feeling like today is a good day." I'll admit, that comment took away some of the guilt I feel at church when I know Kate is distracting the people behind us.
  • Sometimes when I do something silly, she gives me a funny look until I do it again, and then she realizes it's a game. Usually she'll give me a pity smile.
  • Kate loves food. Loves it. She has this special, urgent noise she makes when she sees food. Her face gets serious, her arms start flapping, and she makes sure you know she wants it. Even though it happens multiple times daily, I still forget sometimes that I need to be careful about eating non-baby foods in front of her, like at Costco when I snag samples. Poor hungry Kate.
  • When I put food on her tray, her little hand shoots out, grabs it, and stuffs it in her mouth faster than you can believe. She eats with relish.
  • Lately, she doesn't often cry when she wakes up. Most of the time, she just rolls around in her pack 'n play (still don't have a crib!) talking to herself, kicking her legs, and holding her pacifier. When I open the door, she lights up and starts flapping in excitement. I love that little girl.
  • She giggles all the time now--she has the sweetest laugh. Her tummy and chubby thighs are ticklish, and other things strike her funny, too (like peekaboo and silly noises). If she laughs hard, she gets the hiccups.
  • Yes, Kate is eating the baby Jesus from the Fisher Price nativity set in the picture above. She thinks religion, as with most things, should be a full-body experience.
  • Kate, if I'm not careful, is quite the little vacuum cleaner. This gives me some motivation to keep my floors clean.
  • Now that she can feed herself some foods, Kate is a lot dirtier and her clothes are accumulating more stains. I need to start getting serious with the Oxiclean...
  • Kate's hair is starting to get long in front and around her ears. I think she's now past the point where I can glue bows on her head. I have to be careful with little hair clips, though, because she sometimes pulls them out of her hair and tries to eat them.
  • She babbles a lot. Lots of "mamama"s and "dadada"s in the mix; I'm excited for the day she realizes they actually mean something.
  • Kate loves to play with toys, but (as demonstrated in the previous post), she prefers "toys" that aren't hers. These may include other kids' toys or any objects she considers "off limits" or novel (like Mom's phone, the remote control, computer charging cords, shoes, etc.)

We love our sweet Kate!


  1. I love seeing these pictures of happy Kate, and hearing of her growing experiences!

  2. Smart, beautiful, happy and perfect little girl! I love her :)

  3. She does have one of those rare beautiful happy smiles! I love that Emma started clapping too. She will clap your hand if you say clap and hold it to her too. Such fun milestones! I wish they were this stage for longer.