Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome, 2013

{Kate at 9 months in mid-december}

2012 was a big year for us. Here's a quick recap:

  • Kate was born. How beautiful and soul-stretching it is to be a mother!
  • I quit my job after working about two years as a speech pathologist.
  • Jay finished his residency and has a "real" job.
  • We celebrated our four year anniversary.
  • We loaded up our family, our stuff, and our cat in the biggest Penske truck you ever saw and moved 1300 miles, three states, and two time zones away. Let me tell you, Texas to Nevada is a pretty big change. 
  • We moved from our one-bedroom apartment into a three-bedroom house! It is glorious.
  • We took several super fun cabin and Lake Powell trips, a Texas trip, a Colorado trip, and various Utah trips.
  • Kate broke her leg, inhabited a cast that was bigger than she was, and mended it again.
  • Kate had her first Halloween!
  • We had a wonderful Christmas season.
  • We spent lots of time with lots of family and friends.
Here's to another fantastic year! (Though please don't let this one be quite so eventful--I'm getting burned out on big changes...)

Photo Challenge Submission
{Since one of my goals this year is to do more with photography (nice and specific, right?), I'm entering the I Heart Faces challenge this month.}


  1. So cute! They grow up so fast, seems like mine were this little just yesterday. Now she is in high school.

  2. She's adorable! Your comments about big changes reminded me of how my own family tended to have all our major life events happen within a few months. Always enjoyed that settling down phase. I hope 2013 brings that for you.

  3. hope to see you sometime in 2013 now that you are closer. Hopefully Saturday? Love that you guys have a house now instead of an apartment. Srsly cant wait til life takes me there. Hope your 2013 is not as major as 2012 :)