Friday, March 8, 2013


Waiting at the bottom of the stairs with Grandma. None of us kids are allowed to go upstairs to the tree until we're all gathered together, at which point, in the old days, Dad would stand at the top of the stairs with a video camera and torture us with things like, "Looks like Santa's been here, guys. Too bad you have to wait till Mom's out of the shower before you come up." And then we'd finally process up the stairs in single file from youngest to oldest and excitedly turn the corner and see the piles of presents radiating from the base of the tree.

Santa usually leaves a present or two unwrapped for each person (You can see Aunt Weese's mission luggage in the foreground). Kate loved this caterpillar toy from Grandma and Grandpa.

Happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

Kate was just as into tasting the presents as she was into playing with them. 
Wrapping paper and bows + the present inside = double the fun.

While opening this present from Grandma Fae, Kate was so excited. She had this open-mouthed look of wonder as she peered into the box. She loves her new books!

I didn't take any specific pictures of them, but I made a few of Kate's presents this year. I like the idea of homemade gifts, and while I'm far from creative or crafty, I wanted to give my child some things I had invested some of my time and some of myself into. I made her some fabric balls and a ring-stacking toy.

Kate got this puzzle from Santa. She loves tasting the animals and pulling them out of the puzzle. Eventually she'll get the hang of putting them back in their places.

She was so precious in her pajamas. 

It was so fun to spend Christmas with Kate! She is such a sweet, happy little thing. It is so weird to think back to last year when I was very pregnant and to think ahead to next year when Kate will be running around and talking.

Happy first Christmas, Kate. Here's to many more.


  1. Sweetness abounds! Glad we got to catch up with you guys in St. George.

  2. Happy First Christmas! She is a beauty. Miss you guys tons!