Friday, April 12, 2013

Goodbye to Aunt Wees

Kate's Aunt Wees was called to serve in the California San Bernardino mission. She left for the MTC on February 6th. 

On February 4th, she drove down to Vegas to spend the afternoon with us. 

Kate was so excited. Aunt Wees is basically one of her favorite people ever.

In case you couldn't tell.

We miss Aunt Wees, but we're so proud of her. Kate will be walking and talking before we see her next, but I have a feeling these 18 months are going to fly by.

Kate was so proud of herself when she figured out her finger fit perfectly in her little nostrils. She was on a nose-picking kick for a few weeks.

Funny story about these pictures--Lisa had wanted copies of them ASAP, and I was so proud of myself because I ordered them and picked them up just a couple days after I got her letter requesting them. We were headed to the cabin the next day, so I dropped them off with my dad so that they could get them to Lisa as quickly as possible (you know, since they actually mail things and I don't). So you can imagine my horror when I came back on Sunday to find the stack of pictures on the counter. I just assumed that missionary daughter's happiness trumps all. Silly, silly me. I forgot about the parental obsession exception:
 Missionary daughter + only granddaughter = fodder for the shrine.

Mom said, "Oh. I thought you brought the pictures for us." And I said, "Well, tell me which one you want and I'll print it off for you." And she said, "Um, I want all of them. For the shrine. It's Lisa AND Kate." As if that explained it all. 

*Face palm*

We love you, Wees!


  1. And here I thought I was the favorite aunt...sniff, sniff. I will have to rectify that this weekend.

    1. Yes, you will! To be fair, Lisa saw Kate a lot more than you. I guess you'll just have to visit :).