Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fifteen Months

{Pictures from our General Conference cabin trip, 4/7/13 (13 months old). Kate loves her Uncle David.}
  • Consistently says "Hi" and "bye bye" (which usually sounds like "bah bah") while waving her little hand. She still waves by opening and closing her fingers, but recently has started alternating with waving her arm.
  • Sometimes says "night night," "eyes," "banana" ("buh"). she's starting to say "up," "mama," and "dada" and imitate sounds.
{I love this picture. Note Grandpa kissing baby Sam, Steve doting on Sadie, Jay's concentration on the game, and Kate observing them all.}

{Kate joins in a game of Mario Kart 64 with her dad and uncles.}

  • Holds cell phones and remote controls up to her head to "talk" on the phone
  • Uses signs for food, drink/cup, milk, again, all done, and book.
  • She took her first steps on Memorial day, but hasn't taken many since. 
{Grandpa with Sam and Kate}
  • Goes up and down stairs independently, much to my dismay
  • My mom was visiting for church and made the comment that Kate is pretty quiet during Sacrament meeting, but she sure is squirmy!
{Kate had a lot of fun pulling all the tissues out of the box.}
  • When I read to her, she leans back into me. For a baby who's not really cuddly, I love this. As I type this, she's leaning against me, looking at a book of pictures from our wedding.
  • Has discovered that "up" is a very powerful word. 
{Kate and her cousin Sam}
  • Just decided on 6/20 that she can now stand and take steps by herself.
  • She starts getting tired for her nap around 10:30 or 11:00. If we are upstairs, she'll often reach through her crib bars and grab her "night nights"--a small leopard minky blanket and a pacifier. She'll walk around with those for awhile and eventually lie on the floor if we don't get the hint.
  • She can follow simple commands now. It is fun to see that she understands what we say.
  • She has started whispering lately while babbling. It's cute and kinda creepy at the same time.
  • At 15 months, here are Kate's stats:
    • Height: 30.25 inches, 25-50th percentile
    • Weight: 21 lbs 10 oz, 25-50th percentile
    • Head circumference: 47.25 cm, 75-90th percentile

{Kate and Sam are the first two grandkids in my family. They are one year and two days apart. And they are both crazy cute.}

 {It looks like they have the same expression in this picture}



  1. I love the shot of the baby feet all piled together. Very cute.

    I can't believe how Kate has grown! What a beauty.

    1. Thanks, Hilary! The funny thing is that these pictures are quite old. In another day or so, I'll post pictures that are more recent. Blogging is great, but there is a certain amount of guilt attached to it, isn't there? I am so behind.

  2. How cute is little Sam!?

    I think your dad is in grandpa heaven.