Thursday, August 15, 2013

Seventeen Months

{Pictures are from a walk around our neighborhood on 7/23/13. The ragamuffin hair and the applesauce spots on her clothes are pretty true to our day to day life.}
  • Kate is starting to repeat a lot of the words we say. Her articulation is pretty inaccurate most of the time, but it's fun to hear her approximations of words. I'm constantly amazed at how much she understands.
  • She is getting increasingly independent, which means sweet Kate sometimes tantrums. The other day at Target, I let her walk from the sidewalk into the store. She had a screaming, arched-back fit when I tried to put her in a cart. Wrestling her into the cart took longer than it should've because I started laughing so hard: I'm THAT mom. The one with the screaming, entitled child in the grocery store. Yes.
  • Kate's favorite word is "Up." She will sometimes grab onto my or Jay's pants and hold on so tight we can't move without bowling her over and look up and earnestly repeat, "Up. Up. Up." We call her the Up Monster. When she first started saying it, it came out like "ah" with a glottal stop at the end of it, but now she pronounces the "p" crisply. 
  • Kate says hot, banana ("nana"), woof (sounds kind of like "moof" but with some v's thrown in), neigh, moo, baa, duck, book ("bu"), ball, knee, mama, dada, and David ("Day-di," her uncle). Her articulation is getting better all the time--she's recently started using more dipthongs (in hi, neigh, bye). She still frequently uses her signs for food, drink, please, book, and again.
  • Kate still likes to read books, but she's recently decided she wants to sit next to the reader, not on their lap. So now I sit with Kate snuggled up against my side while we read books together.  
  • Kate loves her shoes and going outside. She only has one pair of shoes: cute little bright pink faux suede mary janes. The second week she had them, she briefly started crawling around outside on the cement and rubbed the pink suede off the toes. Sigh. She'll often bring me her shoes to get me to put them on, usually after spending 10 minutes herself trying to figure out how to get them on her feet.
  • Kate has the fattest little feet I've ever seen. They look like my feet did the week before giving birth: super puffy on top. They are so cute and squishable.
  • Now when she gives or blows kisses, she makes a little smacking noise (kind of like the "p" sound). It is so cute.
  • She has a fixation with the garbage can--she likes to throw things away. Sometimes she pulls out a wet wipe from her container in the living room, then carries it over to the kitchen, lifts up the trash lid, and throws it in the garbage. As much as I hate when she touches the garbage can, it is pretty cute.
  • Speaking of stuff I don't like her to touch, one of Kate's favorite pastimes at my parents' house is feeding the dog. She grabs a couple pieces of dog food out of Sadie's dish and then toddles off to find her. Sadie will usually humor her for a few minutes and gently take the food from Kate's hands. It is sweet, but so gross. At least she's not trying to eat the dog food.
  • She's completely transformed from a skinny little baby to a robust, solid toddler. There is nothing delicate about her anymore.
  • She can point to her knees, eyes, nose, ears, toes, mouth, tongue, and teeth on command. 
  • She is still very easy going and cheerful. We love her fun, happy personality.
  • She's recently learned how to give loves and kisses. When she is tired and I tell her it's time for bed, she snuggles her head into my shoulder as I carry her to her crib.
  • Kate starts nursery at church this month. I'm excited and a little sad, too. 
  • On some mornings, Jay and I do a workout dvd. Kate will sit on us while we're doing planks and get down on the floor herself in imitation of our poses.
  • The picture above is my usual view: following along as Kate toddles away. 
  • I often sing "Mess maker, mess maker, make me a mess" when Kate gets into things. Which is often.
  • Daddy is her favorite. She cries nearly every morning when he leaves, holding her arms out to him and saying, "bye bye, bye bye!" I try to tell her she wouldn't like being at Daddy's work after a few minutes, but this tactic gets me nowhere. She will hold his hand but not mine when we walk outside, and if he's around, she's always reaching for him and seeking his attention. They have a sweet relationship.
  • She also especially loves her grandpa and her Uncle David. She even says David's name. He is sweet to play with her. She loves Grandma and everyone else, too, but Dad, Grandpa, and David seem to top the list.

  • She hasn't learned the word "no" yet, but recently she's started shaking her head. The other day, when I was working on my quilt with my grandma, Kate was watching us from my parents' staircase, standing and holding onto the railing. I said, "Sit down, Kate," and with a sassy little half smile, she slowly shook her head back and forth. We are in trouble.
  • She had a friend over today and learned the word "mine." It's a powerful word for a little kid. I am already ruing this day.
  • Now folds her arms when we pray, which is really sweet.
  • She is getting more independent by the day. We love our Kate!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is ADORABLE!!!! Miss you guys!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! Any chance you'll do an externship in Las Vegas? :)

  2. She's a good blend of you and Jay. So adorable!

  3. She's so cute and getting so big. I really need to come and visit.

    These photos are lovely, too, Lindsay!