Saturday, September 28, 2013

18 months

{Kate thinks she is pretty big. This picture was taken last week before ten in the morning, so that explains the pjs and crazy hair}

Kate is such a toddler now. She still can't really run, but she walks everywhere with her little bouncing, bow-legged gait. Yesterday she went outside with Jay to check the mail and ended up face-planting in the street. She has her first face road rash. For a toddler, thus far she's been pretty bump-and-bruise free. Let's hope this isn't the beginning of a new era (especially since I'm hoping to have family pictures taken sometime soon!).

My neighbor fosters kittens, and she brought over a couple the other day for Kate to play with. Kate liked the kitties (at first she kept excitedly saying "woof! woof!" but after she figured out they were cats, she made her kitty sound: "Wow. Wow."), but having them loose in the house stressed her out. She would follow them around, half laughing, half hysterical, until I would pick them up.

 {Kiss for the kitty. (Don't stress out, Grandma, she didn't actually kiss it!)}

Kate's vocabulary has been exploding lately. Her articulation is not great, but her words are consistent. She says applesauce (saa-saw), cereal (see-soo), outside (sa-sai), water (wah-wai), baby (maymee; this is also how she says her Aunt Amy's name--not sure if Kate's trying to tell us something...), belly button (beh bai), thank you (day-doo; she also does the sign as she says it), diaper (die-po), shoe. New animal sounds include meow (wow), "hoo" (for an owl), cockadoodledoo (doo), and "Ssss" for a snake. She can also identify just about all of her body parts.

{My neighbor named this set of kittens after characters from the office. This little guy is Jim; the black one is Pam.}

Kate has recently started saying "Yeah" whenever we ask just about anything. It is so cute and so funny. Usually she says it in an excited voice ("Yeah!"). She used to just try and repeat the last word we said; now it feels more like having a conversation. 

A conversation Kate and I had about two minutes ago:

Kate (standing next to my chair as I ate breakfast, half hopping up and down): "See-soo! See-soo! See-soo! See-soo!"
Me: "You want some cereal, Kate?"
Kate: "Yeah!"

I will admit I'm pleased Kate learned "yeah" before "no." She does shake her head sometimes when she doesn't want something, but we haven't had to deal with her screaming "Nonononononono!"  ...Yet. 

Lately, Kate has been getting into everything. It's been making me crazy because I just can't keep up with all her messes--she's constantly strewing things around the house. The sad truth about entropy is that it takes significantly more time to create order than it does to spread chaos, so I'm always at least three messes behind her.

The above picture from a few days ago shows Kate's road rash (it had already started healing by then). I got out the camera to document her scratches and also her habit of pulling all the boxes out of the pantry (notice the stuff all around her), but once I started snapping pictures, she made this face. It may look like she's smiling, but if you notice that she's slightly squatting and her face is a bit red, you'll recognize this for what it really is: Kate's pooping face. Not sure why she "smiles" while she pushes, and Jay thinks it's mean of me to document it, but I think it is cute.

My parents came down for a few hours on my birthday, which was wonderful. We went to a nearby park that has ponds, grass, and all kinds of waterfowl. We stumbled across this peacock that really liked Cheerios (I didn't have stale bread, so I improvised). He got pretty up close and personal with Kate, who was unfortunately so zoned (it was her naptime) that she wasn't super excited about it.

Kate loves animals and their sounds, and most of the books and puzzles I have out right now are animal-themed. She says the animal name/sound over and over with increasing urgency until we validate her: "that's a pig!" or "where's the pig, Kate?" She's gotten really good at pointing at pictures to identify them. She is super observant and will find any animal on a page, no matter how small. The other day, she kept saying "P! p! p! p! p!" I looked at the book she was looking at, and there were a bunch of animals, but no pig. "Kate, there's no pig," I said. "Look, there's a cow! There's a dog!" But she kept saying, "P! p! p!" So I asked, "Where's the pig, Kate?" And she slammed her finger down on a pig I didn't even see because only 1/4 of its face was visible, poking through the cracks of the fence behind the other animals.

Kate is quite a solid little thing. I love her round tummy and her sturdy little legs. She still has fat, puffy feet.

Kate's stats at 18 months:
  • Height: 31 inches; 25-50th percentile
  • Weight: 24 lbs 11 oz; 50-75th percentile (!!)
  • Head circumference: 48 cm; 75-90th percentile

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Have...

I just turned 30, and I'll admit to being a bit freaked out by it. After all, I've been in my 20's pretty much my entire adult life, so I'm feeling a bit of an identity crisis coming on. At the risk of coming off as completely braggy, I decided to compile a list of some of the things I've done in my thirty trips around the sun. Some are random, some are ridiculous, and some are actual accomplishments. 

{Just so we understand each other, if I have done something and you haven't, or vice versa, that doesn't mean I judge you or think you are less cool than me. Because, let's be real, you've done some pretty awesome stuff that I haven't, and I've made some mistakes you've been too smart to fall for. So, we good?}

{On Boulder Mountain over Labor Day weekend}

I Have...

  1. Ridden in a helicopter and a hot air balloon
  2. Pulled a handcart over Rocky Ridge in WY wearing pioneer clothes (complete with bonnet)
  3. Lived in London
  4. Served a mission for my church for 18 months
  5. Sang hymns in 4-part harmony on a street corner during a festival called Turkeyrama
  6. Eaten eel, frog legs, cow tongue, cow face, and alligator
  7. Seen Broadway plays on Broadway
  8. Ceremonially burned a mattress in a park at 6 in the morning
  9. Gained an extra 30 pounds and then lost it again (non-pregnancy. Pregnancy is a whole other story...)
  10. Gone skinny dipping
  11. Performed in Carnegie Hall under John Rutter to premiere a new work of his
  12. Held a human brain and heart in my hands
  13. Read my poems at a poetry reading, complete with upright bass and drum backup
  14. Gone to a tea-bagger rally
  15. Sung in a choir for an internationally-broadcast session of General Conference
  16. Taken a nap in the Tate Museum in London
  17. Gone salmon fishing in Alaska
  18. Sung in an underground subway tunnel
  19. Pulled a clothes hanger over my body 
  20. Maintained a 4.0 GPA since my mission in both my undergrad and grad programs (okay, so there was one A minus in London....stupid, completely subjective humanities)
  21. Made the BYU Dean's list three times
  22. Some of the most awkwardly awkward dance moves you've ever seen
  23. Never seen an R-rated movie
  24. Never tried alcohol, coffee, tea, or tobacco
  25. Never highlighted, dyed, colored, permed or otherwise chemically messed with my hair
  26. Played a Bosendorfer piano in a castle for tourists
  27. Sung the Star Spangled Banner in a double quartet for high school graduation
  28. Cut off and donated 10 inches of my hair
  29. Never carried a balance on a credit card
  30. Broken my arm (snapped my humerus in half)
  31. Been ward choir director three times
  32. Walked on Hadrian's Wall
  33. Crocheted/knitted 4 baby afghans
  34. Finished a real, queen-size, pieced, hand-quilted quilt
  35. Run a half marathon
  36. Touched a glacier
  37. Had police come to my door because a neighbor heard my child screaming and apparently thought I was abusive
  38. Been to Hawaii, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Scotland, Ireland, NYC, and Alaska
  39. Had my senior picture in an ad in the yellow pages
  40. Worked for nearly every pre-college graduation employer more than once
  41. Gone running in Hyde Park
  42. Worked as a teacher of English-speaking missionaries at the MTC
  43. A lot of letters after my name when I sign work-related documents (which I will admit still makes me feel kind of important): M.A., CCC-SLP
  44. Sung solo in a cemetery cathedral with breathtaking acoustics for a group of my peers in college
  45. Learned a piano piece by Chopin
  46. Performed in a women's quartet as intermittent entertainment/emcees for a Barbershop show (they called us the "Junior Misses" which made me feel like a pageant contestant)
  47. Been in BYU Women's Chorus
  48. Degrees from three different schools: Dixie State College (Associate's degree), BYU (Bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders), Our Lady of the Lake University (Master's degree in Communication Disorders)
  49. Lived in New York, California (San Francisco and San Jose), Utah (St. George and Provo), Oregon (Portland, Clackamas, and McMinnville), London, Texas, and Nevada
  50. Experienced the ache of infertility and the joy of motherhood
To sum up, I have much to be grateful for and much to look forward to.