Monday, October 14, 2013

Cabin Trip for Conference Weekend

Last weekend, we went to my parents' cabin for General Conference. The weather was beautiful, and the weekend was lovely. Kate loved spending time with Grandma ("Mama") and Grandpa ("Bapa"). She loves them both, but she especially has a connection with her grandpa. She also loves Sadie ("Saysie"), my dad's dog.

It was about 60 degrees outside. My mom is always freezing, and Jay never is, so it's funny to see them standing next to each other with Mom all bundled up and Jay in shorts.

I love General Conference. It's like a holiday. General conference means family time. Watching talks while wearing pjs and snuggling on the couch. Sticky buns on Sunday mornings. Girls' night during the Priesthood session. Inspiration. Lots of snacks and tasty lunches between sessions. The past few years, it's meant cabin trips and crisp mountain air.

When I was a kid, I felt like General Conference lasted a long time. We used to watch it with my cousins, usually involving sleepovers and discreet naps during sessions. I always have something work on while I watch: I remember coloring on storage boxes, sketching portraits of the speakers, knitting or crocheting, and playing Spider Solitaire, all while taking notes and listening to the talks. The past couple years, I've edited pictures.

Here are a few highlights I recorded. (They are in my own words, based on what stood out to me in different talks.)

David A. Bednar:  As we live the law of tithing, we often receive significant, subtle blessings that are easily overlooked. Such blessings can only be discerned if we are spiritually attentive and observant.  

I love that our church does not encourage shunning of those who choose to leave. I love how compassionately he gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Seeds of doubt can grow to trees of understanding.

Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.

Jeffrey R. Holland: If the bitter cup does not pass, drink it and be strong, trusting there will be happier days ahead

The Lord sees weaknesses differently than He sees rebellion. When He speaks of weaknesses, it is always compassionately.

God does not look on sin with any allowance because He knows what it takes to become like Him. His expectations of us are high.

Russell M. Nelson: Death is only premature for those who are not prepared to meet God.


  1. You should let me carry the camera more. No pictures of you...

  2. beautiful pictures and messages. I love conference weekend too, I just wish we had those pretty trees and mountains near by!

    1. You are welcome to come visit them any time :)

  3. I agree with Jay! Need more pics of Lindsay. Loved the pictures and how you put conference comments in between. Missed you!

  4. Kate is beyond cute and spunky in these photos. I love that you had a restful time while being spiritually fed. That is the very best. I'd love to visit that cabin someday :)

    1. If you time your visit right, we will definitely go up there! I'd love to share it with you.

  5. What a lovely, serene weekend! I gleaned similar ideas from conference. I love to see Kate grow, she is a beautiful child.