Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood [Take II]

I watched the little red-hooded figure zoom around the room, arms flapping under her cape. I'd been a bit worried about Kate's reaction to dressing up for Halloween since she's been full of strong opinions lately, but the grin on her face told me it wouldn't be a problem. "Kate, do you like your cape?" I asked.

"Yeah!" She looked at me with a happy smile, ribbons gathered in a neat bow beneath her upturned face.

I had nervously bought two yards of bright red fleece from Joann's last year, ready to tackle my first solo sewing project. Despite my novice sewing skills, the cape came together fairly quickly, transforming tiny Kate into a sweet Little Red Riding Hood for her first Halloween.

Fast forward to this year, and I decided to pull out the cape to see if we could stretch another year's use out of it. I fitted the hood over Kate's head and tied it snugly under her chin. She was fascinated by the feel of it and protested noisily when I took it off to return it to the closet.


"Dep! Dep!" (Cape! Cape!) she said, standing on tiptoe and reaching for the soft red folds. "Dep!" I relented and swung it over her again, the tension in her body giving way to giddiness.

She insisted on wearing her cape nearly every day the week before Halloween. Taking these pictures with her was a delight because she was thrilled to be wearing her cape and touching the pumpkins (buh-puhs). I didn't even have to bribe her to sit down or stay close. 

The night of our church's trunk-or-treat, she ran wild like a little minion, not caring whether Jay or I followed her. Most of my night was spent chasing after her bobbing little hooded head, her arms spread out wide, her cape flapping about her shoulders.

She went trick-or-treating on Halloween with her friends Tyler and Levi, lugging her little bucket along and quickly getting into the rhythm of holding out her bag for candy and saying "Day-doo!" in thanks as she turned to leave. She insisted on navigating the walkway steps without a steadying hand (a first) and acted so grown up I could hardly stand it.

Kate got to try a couple pieces of candy (at her daddy's insistence), and she is definitely a fan. After she went to bed, Jay and I helped ourselves to her haul (the rest of it eventually ended up being used for job security at Jay's dental office).

2013, 20 months

2012, 8 months

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  1. I cannot even... how can she be this cute? I adore these photos, really!