Friday, January 10, 2014


{October 2013; 19 months}

On a fiercely hot October day, Jay and I took Kate to a pumpkin patch. For a couple bucks, we got a ticket for the petting zoo and a little cup of food pellets, so Jay braved the sheep, goats, and chickens with Kate while I watched outside, camera in hand. 

They were immediately set upon by an eager sheep and goat. A couple of times, the sheep tried climbing up Jay to get to the food. Luckily, they were relatively gentle with Kate (which is good, because there is a place somewhere deep in my psyche that is scarred by aggressively hungry animals in petting zoos).

Kate gleefully baa-ed indiscriminately at the sheep and goats and, when in reach of their woolly bodies, she ran her hands across their coarse fur saying "soft, soft" ("sah, sah").

After Jay had had his fill of dodging animal poop and keeping Kate from being trampled, he signaled the worker to open the gate to let them out. Kate followed him at first, but then she planted her feet defiantly, said "no, no!" and ran back toward the animals. Jay tried a few more times, unsuccessfully, to herd her through the gate, but Kate toddled after the sheep calling "baa! baa!"

We eventually got her through the gate and away from her new animal friends. 

We attempted a squinty-eyed picture in the blazing sun, then loaded ourselves back into the car. I'm pleased to report that none of the overpriced pumpkins found their way home with us. (Good luck to us next year when Kate inevitably decides she HAS to have one and the reasonably priced grocery store models just will not do.)

A couple days later, in the spirit of celebrating fall, Kate and I again braved the ridiculously high temperatures and met up with the Simmons' at Gilcrease Orchard. We hitched a ride on the tractor-pulled trailer and feasted on fresh apple cider donuts, our fingers burning from the hot oil on their crisp exteriors. 

While my fall-loving soul yearns for vibrant dry leaves and crisp October afternoons, we made the most of things. It was a lovely October.


  1. I LOVE this last picture of you and Kate - such pretty girls! Miss you guys!!

  2. Positively lovely photos, Lindsay! Looks like you all had a nice time, pumpkins purchased or not. Since pumpkins grow here and are in over abundance each fall they are quite affordable. It's not autumn without one :)

    1. Thank you! We did have a large pumpkin and several small ones that we got from the grocery store, but they were less than half the price of the pumpkin patch pumpkins. We discovered the hard way that even the pumpkins at Gilcrease orchard are really expensive ($0.50/lb). I guess you have to pay for the experience :)