Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I've Lost My Appetite

Jay: Look, Jayne has lice.

Lindsay, picking a piece of dirt off of Jayne's head: Have you ever even had lice before?

Jay: No, I'm not a dirty heathen.

Lindsay: Just what are you trying to say? I had lice at least three times.

Jay: Gross. How is that even possible?

Lindsay: I wore another girl's sweater once. Not sure about the other times. Have you ever had scabies?

Jay: No. But I have had giardia and a tapeworm and athlete's foot and ringworm.

Lindsay: You have NOT had a tapeworm.

Jay: Well, they found tapeworm feces, so I assume that means I had a tapeworm.

Lindsay, revolted: Eeeew.

Jay, musing: Actually, it was tapeworm larvae in MY feces.

Lindsay, putting down fork: We have GOT to start filtering our dinner conversation topics.


  1. You guys can bring any dinner conversation to our house! We miss you guys so much!!! We got Acquire and Bohnanza for Christmas and that made me miss you even more! Merry Christmas, Friends!!