Tuesday, January 6, 2015


New year, new goals. I am not much of a goal-setter (that's Jay's forte), but I want to be better, so I've set some tasks for myself for 2015. I've made most of them concrete and measurable since I tend to flounder in the abstract.
  • Blog once a week on average. There was a time I kept a frequent journal, but that era ended years ago. I feel like my life right now lacks significance, but when I write about it, it helps bring things into focus. 
  • Submit work to two online publications. Last year, on a whim, I submitted an essay to a small competition and was a finalist. I felt a little weird about it because it was out of my comfort zone, but it's something I'd like to do more of. 
  • Finish Kate's quilt top. I started cutting pieces for it early in 2014, and then all my momentum was swallowed by pregnancy exhaustion. Hopefully sometime this year we'll switch Jayne from the pack and play to the crib and Kate from the crib (now a day bed) to a twin bed, and I'd like to have this quilt done to help Kate make the transition. When I first bought the fabric, she would run her hands over it. Jay told her I was making a blanket for her, and she latched on to the idea: "Mommy making bwanket for Kate!"
  • Stick to a budget, pay down student loan debt, and learn how to do payroll and finances for our new business. Jay and I flatter ourselves that we're pretty good with money, but we've never truly followed a set budget for more than a month (my fault, not Jay's). There are so many things we're hoping to save for and pay off in the near future that I want to start being more intentional with where our money is going.
  • Play with Kate without distractions at least 15 minutes a day. I interact with Kate all the time, but I rarely get down on the floor and play with her. I find when I do, we have less friction in our day.
  • Finish the Book of Mormon. I've been stuck somewhere in Alma for the last six months or so.

And, since I can't completely abandon the abstract, here are a few more goals:
  • Declutter and dejunk. Especially since Jayne was born, we have more than we have space for. 
  • Health: Take care of myself, even at the expense of other commitments. Service is empty if I am not whole and impossible if I am injured. When I am at my best, everyone benefits.
  • Don't overthink. I may not show it, but I tend to feel really lousy after asserting my voice, even in really benign ways (publishing blog posts, facebook comments, sharing thoughts in church settings, or expressing different-from-the-norm opinions to friends). I want to get over that. I want to speak conscientiously and honestly without worrying about the potential haters. Life is too short. I am enough. What I think has value, regardless of if others agree.


  1. I love your resolutions. Can I steal the very last one you listed? I most definitely need to do that myself and be ok with expressing myself and moving on. :)

    1. Absolutely, Melissa! We'll work on it together.

  2. Your last one (which I really need to work on as well), reminded me of a book I just read called Daring Greatly. You should check it out! :)

    1. Thanks, Riss! I will look in to it.