Thursday, August 6, 2015

Father's Day

{June 21, 2015}

These girls absolutely love their dad, as evidenced by these pre-church Father's Day snuggles.

 Of course, when church is from 1-4 and both of the girls still nap, it's less a religious experience and more a rodeo where we wrangle an obstinate child and a thrashing baby.

One o'clock church is the worst when you have little kids. The absolute worst. Jayne grabbed a quick snooze on our drive to Mar Mar's house for dinner. She was worn out from all the thrashing.

Jay's Aunt Marlene made the bulk of the dinner (it included steak, and it was delicious), but we were assigned dessert. Jay asked for key lime cheesecake. It was out of my comfort zone--I'd never made cheesecake before--but it turned out well.

That is, if you like cheesecake and key lime; I'm up in the air about both.

It can't always be easy to live with three girls, but Jay does it with aplomb. I have a slight edge in our daughters' affections for the first year or so of their lives--there is just something comforting about the soft familiarity of Mom's body that Dad's just can't replicate--but Kate "favorited" her Daddy shortly after she turned one, and she hasn't looked back since. I have no doubt Jayne will follow suit.

Because, really, how could she not?


  1. Pure joy.

    Jay is not only a wonderful husband, he is a divine father. As evident in these photos and my observations of him.

    What a wonderful thing to celebrate.

    Also HOW IS IT THAT YOU NOT LIKE KEY LIME!? Girl, that's my favorite dessert.

    Darn I miss you.

    1. I know--what is wrong with me?? I love lime, but more in main courses than in dessert. And key lime punches you in the mouth with its limey-ness. And cheesecake has never been my fave. But it was still pretty good.

      I miss you too! Come visit and I will make you a key lime cheesecake every day. :)