Monday, September 21, 2015

Jayne's First Birthday

A few days before Jayne's first birthday, we went to Provo so Jay could go to a conference and I could spend time with my mom and sister.

We decided to have a little party for Jayne.

She opened presents,

Played with her new toys,

And had the opportunity to eat a cupcake.

To say she wasn't interested is an understatement--she wouldn't even touch it. Who is this child?

We tried again the next morning, giving her just a slice of one (Jay didn't see the point in letting a perfectly good cupcake go to waste).

She was slightly more interested this time, even poked at it a little, but she ultimately wanted nothing to do with it. She wouldn't even eat the raspberry on top, and she loves berries.

I fed her some pureed carrots, and I tried sneaking in a couple bites of cake on the spoon between mouthfuls of carrot, but Jayne raked the chocolate goodness off of her tongue with clawed fingers.

Happy birthday, you adorable little squirt. We love you.


  1. She's just darling! I can't believe she's one already. I need to meet this sweet girl.