Tuesday, September 29, 2015


{Pictures from November 2014; Jayne age 3 months, Kate age 2 years 8 months}

Kate-isms, collected in February 2015, age three years.
  • Says "smoo-ey" for "smoothie." I hope we call them smooeys for the rest of time.
  • Breakfast is "bweksis"
  • Thanks and thank you are "Ganks" and "gank you"
  • Think is "gink." And she's been "ginking" a lot lately, as in, "I gink Jayne wants a toy."
  • Uses almost exclusively female pronouns. All boys (and inanimate objects) are "she" and "her." I get a kick out of it every time she refers to Jay as "she".
  • All three of her baby dolls are named Jayne. All three of them are always naked.
  • Is a total Daddy's girl. I'll say, "Come here, my Kate!" And she'll say, "No, Daddy is my Kate!" So, yes, she's dissing me, but she's so cute with her language that I just can't be sad about it. 
  • Move is "woove" and movie is "woovie"
  • When I put on her shirt, she says, "Where are me? There I are!" as I pull it down over her head
  • She likes to drape blankets over her head or across her shoulder and say, "I'm Jesus pwincess!" 
  • Jay often sings her songs and changes the words, like the theme song from New Girl: "Who's that girl? Who's that girl? It's Kate!" And Kate will change a few words of her own: "Who's dat goh? Who's dat goh? Kate's a pwincess!"
  • Upside down is up-sub-ide down
  • Frisbee is "kwisbee"
  • Tomato and potato are both "pimayo"
  • She randomly and frequently comes up to me and says, "I wuv you, Mom," with a sweet little smile on her face. This is often accompanied by a hug.
  • "The doctor feel me better."
  • If her nose is runny, she'll say, "I have a wunny wip." (runny lip)

Kate's stats at 2 yrs 9 months:
  • Height: 37.8 inches; 74th percentile
  • Weight: 33 lb 3 oz; 80th percentile

Jayne stats at 4 months:
  • Height: 24.8 inches; 63rd percentile
  • Weight: 14 lb 13 oz; 63rd percentile
  • Head circumference: 41.5 cm, 76th percentile

{Jayne started getting hungry during our photo shoot and chewed on her fingers, so of course Kate had to follow suit.}

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