Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kate's First Day of Preschool

In the three months since we registered for Ms. Shannon's preschool, Kate has said at least weekly, "I am going to preschool in September!" 

And when the long-awaited day finally arrived last Tuesday, I was surprised at how excited and how sad I felt. It's only two hours twice a week, and it's at her best bud's house, and it's taught by my dear friend, but it's really the first time she's set out by herself and had an agenda of her own instead of occupying mine.

Kate's preschool "homework" assignments have been great for us already--her sticker chart helps me remember to read to her, and Ms. Shannon's suggestions for activities give us good ideas for how we can implement learning at home. If only all Kate's homework in the future will be as useful and practical as these small projects are. 

{Kate and her teacher, Ms. Shannon}

Kate fell and fractured her wrist two days before school started, so she went to school with a splint on last week. She got her cast (bright pink, of course) last Friday. Luckily, her wrist doesn't hurt her, and she doesn't let her cast slow her down.

It can be a bit paradoxical to feel old compared to her baby sister but small compared to her parents, and Kate often says, "I'm big AND widdwe, Mom," when I call her my big girl.

She's little enough I can still carry her in my arms, but big enough to go to school and have a few small responsibilities of her own. 

We love our big little (and little big) girl.

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  1. Her hair has gotten so long! She looks like she could take on the world with that smile.