Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kate's Husband

{Kate at Kolob, age 3 1/2}

A conversation I had with Kate a couple weeks ago: 

Kate: Winder is mad at me.

Me: Who?

Kate: Winder. He's the oldest boy I never seen.

Me: Who is he?

Kate: He's my husband. He's my baby doll's daddy. 

Me: Tell me more about him.

Kate: He's a friend and a cousin, and he's actually a boy, and he likes to eat people--he likes to not share my food. He likes to eat it all gone. My lunch and my breakfast and my dinner. All my food. And my snacks and my fruit. And he eats it all gone. And he won't share.


I'm not sure where Kate developed these ideas about husbands, but I sure hope there's time for us to reeducate her before she gets married.

Jay, it would probably help our cause if you stopped eating all our food.


  1. Oh, man, I laughed so hard at this! Dave says that he can corroborate certain facts about Jay based on previous experience.

    1. What can I say? I am a growing boy.

    2. Beth, for real. To be fair, all of us are pretty good at packing food away, so it's not just Jay.

  2. Does Winder know how to play the lazy dog game after he eats her food, because that's kind of imperative to being a real man :)