Sunday, September 20, 2015

Physics: 1, Lindsay: 0

Potty Training Tips: Free Printable Disney Frozen Potty Chart with Elsa and Anna #PUBigKid
{The potty chart we used for Kate. She filled it with stickers after a few days and then didn't need any more tangible reinforcers. Frozen potty chart for the win!}

Kate has been officially potty-trained for a few months now, which is awesome. All I really have to say about this is that, for us, waiting until she was three was the perfect choice. I have several friends who have potty trained their kids before they're two for various reasons, and while the kids generally do pretty well, some of them are only, like, 90% potty trained for the next year. Which means my friends are cleaning up a mess or two a week. Kate has had about four accidents total, and all pretty minor. I'd much rather deal with diapers than mop up mess, so the wait was worth it.

But back when Kate was still in diapers, anytime I changed a stinky one, I'd tie it up in a grocery bag and toss it out on the back porch. Then, when Jay or I took out the garbage, we'd gather up any baggies on the porch and put them in our dumpster. Which was fine.

Except for the fact that, in an attempt to be efficient, I would sometimes scoop up all the little bags with diapers in them into the same hand as the much larger kitchen garbage bag. This would enable me to hold open our dumpster lid with my free hand so I could toss all the various-sized bags of trash inside in one fluid motion. 


Except that I'm short and the trash bag was often heavy, so I'd give it a little swing to flip it up and over. This worked great for the large trash bag. But those smaller bags? The ones clutched in the same hand as the heavy one? The ones I unwittingly spun at the same velocity as the longer bag with more mass?

They smacked me in the face.

Now, it's embarrassing enough to admit I've smacked myself in the face with grocery bags full of poopy diapers. But it's even more embarrassing to admit that this was not a one-time occurrence. It wasn't even a two-time occurrence. 

You guys. This happened several times

Somehow, I forgot the laws of motion and physics and torque and rotation and whatever other laws God put into place that make sacks of poop spin faster than sacks of garbage, and I got a literal one-two to the face from squishy, poopy diaper filled bags. On multiple occasions.

So I guess you could say that Kate being potty trained was a win on more than one front for me.