Monday, October 19, 2015

Things I Think are Gross or Otherwise Ick Me Out, Part II

Just for fun, I made a list of 100 things that ick me out on some level. This is meant to be funny, so if you see your favorite food/activity/object/word on here, don't be offended--I'm sure there's something I eat/do/own/say that totally icks you out, too.

26.  Socks, clean or dirty
27.  When Jay takes off his socks with his toes
28.  When seeds start to sprout inside of uncut tomatoes
29.  Seeing/hearing the popping of the distal knuckles, thumb knuckles, knees, and neck when the person grabs and cranks their own head
30.  Cooked carrots
31.  Country music
32.  Old, crusty rags
33.  The word "crusty"
34.  When people say "supposably" instead of "supposedly"
35.  Chunky, high contrast hair highlights
36.  Any form of "liquid" candy (Gushers, cherry cordial filled chocolates, cough drops with syrup in the middle)
37.  One-ply toilet paper
38.  Fast food
39.  Being shocked on trampolines
40.  Hair plugs
41.  Milk that's even a hint past its prime
42.  Bikinis
43.  Men's speedos
44.  Wrestling, boxing, and UFC
45.  Those nasty tomato plant caterpillars with the nasty red spike on their butts. Also, the creepy green inchworms that eat my basil plants
46.  Drinking fountains
47.  Other people's dryer lint
48.  Mayonnaise/Miracle Whip
49.  The rough feeling of old or cheap towels
50.  Petting greasy dogs

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