Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Things I Think are Gross or Otherwise Ick Me Out, Part III

Just for fun, I made a list of 100 things that ick me out on some level. This is meant to be funny, so if you see your favorite food/activity/object/word on here, don't be offended--I'm sure there's something I eat/do/own/say that totally icks you out, too.

51.  Almost any food that's overly processed and full of artificial anything (colors, flavors, sweeteners, fats) and is packed with chemicals and preservatives
52.  The word "snag"
53.  Mustaches
54.  Children's panoramic dental xrays that show baby teeth and developing permanent teeth 
55.  Raw meat
56.  Made up or horribly misspelled names
57.  Pumping (my own) breast milk 
58.  Gauze or cotton rolls in my mouth
59.  Sweetened condensed milk
60.  The "trash cans" in women's bathroom stalls
61.  Tanning beds
62.  Canned peas
63.  Chimpanzees
64.  When a guy marries a woman 15+ years his junior
65.  Thongs
66.  Casseroles 
67.  Marching bands
68.  "Automatic" flush toilets
69.  Liquid foundation makeup
70.  Almond flavoring
71.  Being numb from anesthetic
72.  Spit valves on brass instruments
73.  The word "loaf" when not used with the word "bread"
74.  Jersey cotton and/or polyester sheets
75.  Tattoos, gauged ears and face/body piercings

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  1. I can't help but notice how many of these are dental related...