Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Things I Think are Gross or Otherwise Ick Me Out, Part IV

Just for fun, I made a list of 100 things that ick me out on some level. This is meant to be funny, so if you see your favorite food/activity/object/word on here, don't be offended--I'm sure there's something I eat/do/own/say that totally icks you out, too.

76.  Cottage cheese
77.  Blue cheese
78.  Cream cheese
79.  Velveeta "cheese" and "American" cheese (Kraft singles)
80.  Cloth diapers, reusable wipes, and the machines they're washed in
81.  Eye goop
82.  Spiders, earwigs, and cockroaches
83.  Liposuction
84.  Strapless clothing
85.  Touching arms with strangers (like on airplanes)
86.  Yogurt (and its tangy flavor thanks to its live cultures)
87.  My fingernails catching on anything
88.  The sound of anyone else's fingernails catching on anything, including during back scratches
89.  Raisins
90.  Dog slobber 
91.  Finding a worm while shucking corn
92.  The "stuf" in double stuf Oreo's (particularly when it's dyed)
93.  Meat that's cooked in the microwave
94.  Hair on shower walls 
95.  Leggings, particularly with loud prints, when worn as pants (instead of, say, under a dress or long shirt)
96.  When people swallow toothpaste
97.  The words "so" and "very" when used together (as in, "I love him so very much")
98.  Mold
99.  Shortening/trans fat
100.  Typos in professional publications

Okay, you've read 100 of mine. What are some of yours?

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  1. For #88 do you mean when a fingernail "snags" on clothing?